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About Me

It’s about time I changed this a bit. I set up my about page when I did not potentially know much about blogging let alone, how important an about page can be and what purposes it could serve. 

However now that I am aware that there are people who stumble upon my blog accidently and sometimes even give a follow (back then I thought this was some kind of digital diary I maintained for myself and my imaginary audience), I realized that a lot of people and most of the people visit my about page.

Thank you for that.

Thus following that realization, I thought of updating this a bit and making it longer than what it used to be. So apparently I am a blogger who is not a newbie anymore (altho I still suck at some of the WordPress techno stuff-its okay if you can’t relate). Cutting short to the main point (which I am so bad at doing but will have to for the sake of maintaining the conciseness of this page) I love to write and share my thoughts and experiences while at the same time staying aware of what others are up to. By others I mean all sorts of different people, in different countries, from different cultures of different beliefs. Putting it even shortly, I love the diversifed interchange of thoughts and experiences from all over the world while staying behind my screen.

Saying a badbye to Literature after A levels with the hopes of pursuing a business degree in Uni, I knew somewhere deep in my heart that I was betraying the subject of my love for a good deal of reasons. 
  However, I can just never seem to let go of it! (What a problem with me and the things I love:\)

That’s exactly why you can see this very blog in existence. Adamant to fulfill my promise to my dearest teacher of English Literature, Ms. Kheri, I write and post all sorts of nonsensical ramblings and bizarre pieces (that I like to call poetry ha.ha.ha) with the added perseverance that people may actually like and appreciate my work some day. Nooo, trust me I don’t write for fame, what even..ugh!

But, looks like Literature is not the only thing I left behind. Yes, sorrily another subject shared my love (literature knows, I do not cheat!). Psychology was another discipline of great interest to me (still is) so I aim to achieve a wider aim through this blog by reaching out to people. Being there for them amd helping them out in even the slightest of manner, like making them smile or even reminisce a good memory. If I can motivate people in some way, encourage them for something good or even be a positive thought initiator, I’d feel happy and blessed to do that.

Mental health is one of the most greatly neglected yet equally important issue in the country I live. And unlike physical health, it doesn’t usually need medicines to revive when deteriorating, most of the time only love and care works. Standing by that opinion I am maintaining this blog to do my part, however little it may be. 

Read, like, comment, share and write. A happy blogging journey to you and me! ^-^

There, I think I just perfected the art of laconism. Thank you, I politely refuse the award you are about to throw at my face.

From Tee.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. its Az here. You are a good writer dear, remember what i told you that day, i wanna see the change in your writing. keep the pace up. you doing good πŸ™‚

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