I Missed The Blogging Fam!!

When I made  my last post some time in 2017, I vowed to myself not to write on wordpress again until I had gotten a laptop. For those of you who didn’t know, I used to make blog posts using my tablet and that sure was one tedious task.

Since it’s pretty obvious, I finally got my hands on a lovely laptop Alhumdulillah. You can also appreciate my sense of commitment once I have made a vow or promise xD

But I haven’t also written ever since University started. I have safely landed into the second semester. That’s an update yeah, but I also want to write about all the impacts and effects university has had on me, in all this time. Better leave that reflection for another day. For now, it is to reinforce the fact that yesss university DOES RENDER ONE UNABLE TO BLOG REGULARLY OR EVEN ONCE IN SIX MONTHS, IT IS EXHAUSTING! However, now that i have gotten a hold  of the whole thing and somewhat adapted to its rigorous system, I think I am slowly coming back on track.

This time around, I come with a small new package. I have started a “short poetry” page on Instagram *insert drum-rolls*. The page is entirely dedicated to short poems of all types  (written by me of course) and no matter how cliched instagram poets may have become, it is still a lovely place to showcase one’s tiny wisps of uniqueness that may make their poems different from those of others. At the end of the day, we all write things similar in essence but different in appearance. You guys can find me on insta by the name of innosinned. All set for follow backs 😉

With that I am going to end this post. I planned on keeping it particularly terse, thanks to uni for finally teaching me the art of laconism (I have three assignments and two quizzes due). I would be catching up with the blogging fam, missed you guys a lot. Anyways, I am back for the while with no intentions of going back into a slumber.