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Not Worth Reading

There are people who claim to love me. I dont mean always in a romantic way. But it’s okay. You love me? Cool. I love myself too. Then comes the getting to know you part. ‘Hey I wish I could get to know you better/ you are such a mysterious soul, God I need to find out more about you/ Why dont you tell me about yourself much/ Hey share your life with me!’ and similar crap. No like okay this could be a borderline rant but I dont mean to get rude. I just mean to be honest. And people literally do that. So manny of them.

So most of you know about my blog right? Of course you do otherwise how could you be reading this? Now if you have ever bothered to check the ‘about me’ page, I clearly mention there that my blog has everything about me, my experiences, inspirations, reflections. Makes sense? I think I have also mentioned numerous times that I suck at revealing too much. But at the same time I am good at expressing myself in words.

How much more simple do I make it for you?

See, I respect the love and care which you show towards me even if it is fake. I really do. That is one reason why I haven’t already blocked/sidelined/ignored/rebuked you. That is one reason why you still talk to me and never guess out the anger bubbling on the verge. I never show it. I am sweet. But I am putting it here. For all those who know about it and still wish to know about me.

Like if you really do care to know me, please make an effort. Show that you care to know. Otherwise I have some pretty awesome answers prepared for you people the next time you say ‘Is there any way to know what lies beyond those deep eyes?’ There definitely is one and you will not probably like to stare into them again once you find out.


P.S:  You see why I titled this ‘Not worth reading’  because I am sure they would be most interested in reading this. Human psychology. XD


2 thoughts on “Not Worth Reading

  1. Hello Tehreem,
    Its Azeem, hope you are fine, happy to see your blogs.. you turn yourself in professional blogger. Mashallah.. keep the pace up and i suggest you now you should put your effort to write book. Stay blessed keep blogging.
    “Bol k lab Azad hain teray”

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  2. I agree to everything but the title. It sure is worth reading dear.
    As much as they should make efforts in order for you to understand that they genuinely care.you need to appreciate the efforts made.
    I loved the post and the motive. Well done.! 😄

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