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Dearly Dangerous

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This one goes out for all the struggling women out there who have been victim to violence, emotional hurt, physical assault or any abuse big or small; physical or emotional at the hands of their male counterparts. This is a vent of the unkempt suppressed feelings that have piled over the years just to be hushed aside in a dark corner. It is the hatred that only sparkled as tears in the eyes. This is unleashed rage. It is the conflicting dilemma they go through.

It is venom that she writes with
No! Not your standard ink
Let it swim into your veins
With every word you drink

Let it slow-poison you
As it slithers up those streams
Her every sting will swallow you
Only she can hear your screams

But it won’t just get over yet
You thought karma was a bitch?
She’ll avenge the pain beyond revenge
Now meet a real-life witch

She will resonate through your conscience
With every echo you will fall
Even when you are down on your knees
You will stare at her appalled.

Taste that bitterness of every promise
You left but just unmet
For everytime those words were uttered
Those three words you’ll regret

You smother her, hah! Infutile
She is not a petty gasoline ignite
She is devilry straight out of hell
She’ll smoulder you without respite

Silently she spins the web
You thought she was fragile?
It’s stronger than the strongest threads
Reeking of cyanide

For no matter how much you run away
Can you escape your own head?
But still she weeps when looks at you
Tossing and turning in your bed.


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