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It’s Raining Bliss

Drip drop
Non stop
cats n dogs
sewers clog
Faces glow
Streets flow
children yell
Greens swell
Clouds roar
Birds adore

We pray for more
A blessing huge
Monsoon deluge

It rained after an entirety of five months. No doubt how much every living creature needed it. A bliss of Allah came to us as a gift of Eid. ShukarAlhumdulillah:”) Below are some of the pictures I took after all the greens had taken a good bath. Hope you enjoy them.


Polished and buffed


Fresher pink


Ring a ring of posies


Colours of the Paki flag


Dark clouds galore



L’il birdie enjoying the in-between drizzle


People rushing to their homes


Message from the clouds: We ain’t stopping even after the sun has set


4 thoughts on “It’s Raining Bliss

  1. I loved this one ma shaa Allah! It was pouring rain here too last night and everything feel so fresh now alhamdulillah 🙂 I love the rain, and cloudy weather

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    • Jazak’Allah and thank you. I wish it could rain a little more here, only two days of rain after five months seem so less. But Shukar Alhumdulillah for whatever amount of rain we had. I am also in love with the rainy weather^-^

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      • I know what you mean, five months is a lot to go without any rain! Where do you live again, like what country? I’m in Algeria and we actually had a pretty wet year, but it has been soooo hot lately so yesterday’s rain was very welcome alhamdulillah 🙂

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      • Yeah I am grateful that you understand my side of the story. I live in Pakistan and it rains ever so rarely in my city although it rained quite heavily in others. For us well, it was just two days of rain in five months and even in that short span of time there are all these news about water accumulating on roads and streets, chaotic traffic, loadshedding e.t.c. I do not mean to complain, shukaralhumdulillah its much better than some places but we just have a really bad infrastructure here


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