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You Are a Reflection of What You Love


Dear Farend,

You say that you love me
But never do you show
Whenever I tell you, “You move me”
Surprised, you reply with an ‘Oh!’

You say that you love me
But never do you believe
When I tell you, “You are lovely”
You negate in disbelief

You say that you love me
But never do you realize
That you are a masterpiece-to-be
What with that fire in your eyes?

You once told me, that you love me
I discussed the power of your words
You replied, ‘They are not worthy’
So I made all the ‘I love yous’ unheard.

You always talk of love with me
One that you say you have for you
Then type a detailed self-critique,
Making all that love untrue.

You always tend to shove me
When I number things at which you’re great
You dismiss all my numberings
With one of what I enumerate: debate

Though your skill with numbers is above me,
You astound me with words too,
But always you interrupt me
With an ‘Oh it is just you!’

So dear Farend, how come you love me?
When you can barely ever agree
With my opinions of how you are
I suppose I have the right to question thee
Why this pretense of hypocrisy?
When I am just a reflection of who you are.


6 thoughts on “You Are a Reflection of What You Love

    • Thank You So Much! I wish I could nominate you for all the awards i have done (though i m sure u must have already done most of them) but that id just to show that I am beginning to fall in love with your blog too^-^
      Stay blessed(:

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey sweetie! That was too kind of you. No, sadly I am not done with most of the awards. I have been nominated quite a few times by sweet people here.
        I am eagerly waiting for your opinions on my posts. 😊 Enjoy. Happy writing!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I read some of your posts and totally love them, I would be reading more from time to time and I have only been nominated for liebster, blogger recognition, versatile bogger and uniquely me award. If you have not already been nominsted for any of these, just lemme know amd ill make sure to nominate u there becuase looking at your postsm you totalyy deserve them^-^

        Liked by 1 person

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