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Disguised Murderer



It saws through the ribcage
Savagely sawing, grinding the
Unyielding, weakening bones.
Breaks through the guarding cage.

Then hunts in the darkness, with rage
in its eyes; loath, scorn, contempt.
Searches wild-eyed for that which moans
Softly pumping; pounding, frightened flesh

 Now a twitching, throbbing hostage.
Inquires its last wish, speaking to it
In hissing, malicious undertones
The small piece of pulsating flesh
Begs for a last embrace.

So without a moments age
It plunges, dagger-like, sending
Spurts of blood and groans
translucent drops of pain on face.

It’s over. A silence descends onstage.
I clap, hoot, howl, enraged.
Then smile at the cruel deftness galore
Just a thought, unarmed-but fatefully yours.


2 thoughts on “Disguised Murderer

  1. Hmmm. What was this about? What did you imply by monster?

    This was really poerful though, intense imagery, with such few words. Really dark too. Had problems reading it in flow though, like some words kind of jumbled in my mouth instead of flowed. (Like the last line of the first stanza).

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    • There is no implication. The monster/murderer is the thought of someone, mentioned in the last line of the poetry and that is why the persona calls that someone very deft with cruelty. I chose the words carefully to not be flowy, this was because i want the reader to read it word by word, if they would try to read it like a rhyme they’d stumble on the words. This is to create the effect for the reader to read slowly and taste every word in the mouth. It is a technique I learnt and was trying to apply it but I guess it finally worked here if that’s what u meant with the flow thing.
      Also THANK YOU!

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