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Lost and Seek

originally written on: 9th January 2017


I sat down upon the oaken chair
To learn names of places I cannot pronounce
With a pile of books and messy hair
An atlas of unknown roads and towns

Though such knowledge was futile
All the paths would have led me astray
For my destination was a mirage,
So I ran upon the remote way.

I shut the books and failed the test
Frantically running with such zest
Behind a mirage, an only path
That was known to fill me with unrest

I pushed the oaken chair aside
Ready to recline in my creaking bed
But delusions bubbled up my mind
So I decided to write of you instead

Would you fancy knowing?
My cheeks glowed a sanguine red

First with ardour, then with anger
Funny how both start with ‘a’
I noticed, as I blackened the paper
And then laughed upon how you taught me
The importance of “gray!”

Then probably I shed a tear or two
Engulfed in my hues of blues
But soon smirked upon how this play of colors
Had no chance of amusing you.

A vision of your drowsy eyes
Melted down some dusty frost
As I lay on my bed with frozen sighs
Outside, in the dark, chilly night
Perhaps another star just crossed.


4 thoughts on “Lost and Seek

    • Hiii, i just commented on your place. Like caught up on everything there. Fact of the matter is, you STILL are a sweet person with a kind heart!!!!:’)

      Liked by 1 person

      • STHHHHHHAP NA KERO. i cant cope with such niceness :$ #IAmSoAjeebMe&MyFriendsUseInsultsInsteadOfCompliments ^_^ d e r p.

        it’s sahi mai so, so wonderful to TALK (type? write? comment? blabber? 🤔) with ya again! :’) you da kewlest, dude.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I commented on so many places that it got hectic to find out what did o say wherre and what have u responded to how cnrdkwxak…so anyways i hope u get the point. Therefore i am bringing all of them down to this comment. Where have u been, how are u? How’s uni? When am i getting to see a new post from you? There you go (full stop)


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