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Okay so I am back on WordPress, For the time being, at least. Farees would probably roll her eyes over this post because she had  straightaway rejected the idea of making a ‘return announcement’. Obviously when I had expressed my ambivalence upon making one or not. I have a confused mind; she possesses a straightforward heart.

Anyways, as always, I digress. So as most of you may know, I had been on an announced break because of a test. I shall rather reserve my comments about that for later because the result is due in March and I am not a fan of counting chickens before they have hatched, let’s put it as: even mentioning the eggs or even telling that I own a hen!

So frankly putting it, I thought about it quite a few times. Whether I should make a short post about ‘hey i m back, haha yeah that’s my post there after a month and how are you, I have written stuff…’ or just post one of the poetries I wrote during my cyber absence. That ponderance was what even led me to putting the conundrum in front of farees in the first place (Okay I see you making judgements there about bow I complicate stuff and I won’t even say anything in my defense).

Farees told me to directly post my write-ups. I finally decided to do what you are reading right now. See it just didn’t float my boat to make a sudden out-of-nowhere entry, specially when I hadn’t suddenly disappeared off WordPress in the same fashion. An announced departure deserved an announced arrival.

So even though half of you would not be interested in this, and a quarter of you (including farees) would roll your eyes over this and prolly the rest of the quarter not even bother reading, I write this to tell you that I missed your words a lot. I held back the very urge of reading through the notifications I received through e-mails and also resisted the impulsion of posting one of my own creations. Strangely I have had a prose-block in the while and have only written poetries (that’s what I call them). So that’d mean more poetic stuff from me than you have read in a while. I am working on my prose-streak too though, but what apparently naturally seems to strike me these days are short ambiguous phrases and verses which I weave into a poetry so yeah that’s that.

I know this has gotten long once again and I won’t ramble on any longer. I would try to catch up on what I have missed. Stay tuned for more posts-poetic ones i.e.

P.S: Thank you if you missed me and thanks to the new ones who joined me in this journey. Will be checking out your blogs soon^-^



6 thoughts on “Back

  1. *rolls eyes back to original positition again*
    Farees knew you would not listen to her. Farees knew you had to announce your arrival. Now of course Farees would have liked it more if it was followed up with some poetry because as Farees would like to ask:really are you actually back on wordpress if you don’t post any blog content? Farees will wait for your reply.

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    • Hahaha OmG Farees has already caught up on most of whatever I have written during this break because Farees is the only one I shared all my ramblings with even when I was absent on the blog so it should really make little or no difference to Farees.
      On a second note, it took lesser time in announcing my arrival than it would have taken to explain Farees that sometimes coming back on wordpress means more than just posting your write-ups, its about validating your feeling of reading your fav blogs again, its about tapping on the WordPress app after such a long time, its about replying with long (often meaningless) comments to Farees without that merciless knife of guilt of procrastination dangling above your head. Its about making self notes of achievement, about marking the end of a phase which you survived rather miraculously. Its about absorbing, not only exuding and expelling.
      But God oh God Farees’s inquisitive nature just knows no limits so here it goes, I hope Farees gets where I am coming from even if Farees doesn’t have to relate or agree;D

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      • Touche. Valid points. However Farees would like to inquire, (read inquire as argue) that though one is back at wordpress, isn’t one doing a gross injustice to people like Farees have been waiting to read something by you that is not THIS^? Farees once again waits for your reply

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      • See I know yeah exactly I understand​. You see, that’s the basic reason I didn’t try arguing in the first place. I submissively accept and agree to your objection and soon you would be reading (u already have read by now I believe) more stuff from me, which is not THIS^ 😛

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  2. “but what apparently naturally seems to strike me these days are short ambiguous phrases and verses which I weave into a poetry so yeah that’s that.”
    ^OH-GOD-SO-RELATABLE LEVEL OVER 9000! *_______*

    u basically summed up ma brain. 👏

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