Okay so I am back on WordPress, For the time being, at least. Farees would probably roll her eyes over this post because she had  straightaway rejected the idea of making a ‘return announcement’. Obviously when I had expressed my ambivalence upon making one or not. I have a confused mind; she possesses a straightforward heart.

Anyways, as always, I digress. So as most of you may know, I had been on an announced break because of a test. I shall rather reserve my comments about that for later because the result is due in March and I am not a fan of counting chickens before they have hatched, let’s put it as: even mentioning the eggs or even telling that I own a hen!

So frankly putting it, I thought about it quite a few times. Whether I should make a short post about ‘hey i m back, haha yeah that’s my post there after a month and how are you, I have written stuff…’ or just post one of the poetries I wrote during my cyber absence. That ponderance was what even led me to putting the conundrum in front of farees in the first place (Okay I see you making judgements there about bow I complicate stuff and I won’t even say anything in my defense).

Farees told me to directly post my write-ups. I finally decided to do what you are reading right now. See it just didn’t float my boat to make a sudden out-of-nowhere entry, specially when I hadn’t suddenly disappeared off WordPress in the same fashion. An announced departure deserved an announced arrival.

So even though half of you would not be interested in this, and a quarter of you (including farees) would roll your eyes over this and prolly the rest of the quarter not even bother reading, I write this to tell you that I missed your words a lot. I held back the very urge of reading through the notifications I received through e-mails and also resisted the impulsion of posting one of my own creations. Strangely I have had a prose-block in the while and have only written poetries (that’s what I call them). So that’d mean more poetic stuff from me than you have read in a while. I am working on my prose-streak too though, but what apparently naturally seems to strike me these days are short ambiguous phrases and verses which I weave into a poetry so yeah that’s that.

I know this has gotten long once again and I won’t ramble on any longer. I would try to catch up on what I have missed. Stay tuned for more posts-poetic ones i.e.

P.S: Thank you if you missed me and thanks to the new ones who joined me in this journey. Will be checking out your blogs soon^-^