I Need Your Attention


Hello dear readers and lovely followers,

I deliberately write this in a ‘note to xyz/important announcement’ format because this really actually is a note which needs your attention.

Yeah so i have basically decided to announce of my future absence on an official level because I excel at disappearing for ages without prior notice and even better excel at worrying about what would become of my blog behind me. However, this time around it’s a bit different; unlike my previous whimsical and highly impulsive digressions and disappearances, this one is going to be a prolonged and deliberate one, becasue.. BECAUSE THE TEST DATE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED AND I NEED TO IMPROVE MY MATHS AVERAGE SCORE FROM A 30 TO A 40 TO ENTER THE SAFE ZONE. No, okay that was an exaggerated internal response, to put it simply, I really need to study and distance myself from the social apps for a while for better concentration and focus. Also, I have been currently more in a book/pen/study mood than texting/blogging/chatting one. It may come off as a surprise to you (probably an unpleasant one) that I actually enjoy studying and I get those phases where I feel like losing myself in my academics (I swear that is not sarcasm!).

NEVERTHELESS, this is still also a practice of self-control and self-restrain for me because I get email notifications of what you guys have posted and I find myself slowly drawing towards those amazing write ups. I can only regret on how much great stuff I would be missing on. Even today as I opened up my reader after half a month, I got so happy and excited looking at catchy posts; couldn’t resist myself from reading a few. Guys trust me, it is a sacrifice on my end. I barely replied to comments or commented on the few posts I so much loveddd just because I don’t want to fall in the trap. I LOVED WHATEVER U HAVE WRITTEN!

Lastly, no I am not leaving for verrry long. 1 and a half month approx! That’s it. Take it as a study break. Also let me add that it’s just a much needed internet break, I am not taking an off from writing. I write in my journals whatever I feel like writing (not to mention how much I am holding back, I mean it’s new year, it’s WINTER in KARACHIII, I am having soo many epiphanies e.t.c) and then put a select few of them on WordPress. So I have words gathering up. Insha’Allah I would put them up once I get over with the test. I would also try to catch up on all the amazing stuff I would miss in the meanwhile. Pray for me and stay loyal (latter intended for my followers xD)

Would miss you people a lot!

Best Wishes!

P.S: Okay given how impulsive I can get at times, please don’t get surprised if you see a post from me from out of nowhere. Like I may feel the extreme urge of posting something, so like.. I hope you understand!! Gosh xD