So…It was my Birthday

Alright so this keeps on getting harder with every passing day. And currently I feel like losing my writing streak because of staying so much out of practice. This is not even a writer’s block but as the day of aptitude test comes closer on the calendar, I can only manage to not to shut away from blogging altogether. I can’t even believe I have four posts overdue despite having their layouts ready. However, this one, really oughts to get published now.

So this is supposed to be a picture heavy post and I am doing this as a token of thanks and appreciation to my bestie-cum-cousin: Eraj! It is not very often that we are flabbergasted by one of our dear ones and near ones on an occasion which we want to get surprised at, (or at least it has been a very rare occurrence for me) but sometimes fate really has something warm in store for you on a cold November night.

Sooo..7th of November was my big day aka birthday but I really didn’t expect much from this one ecxept some good wishes from my go-went-gone friends whom I left last year as we graduated from high school (A levels) though sadly I didn’t receive any of those either (ab tou aadat si hai aise jeene mein xD) but I am really thankful to them for giving me an amazing bday surprise last year (can you hear me guys?xD)

So I was at my mami’s place on sunday, 6thNov when my mother received a suspicious call she would not give me the details of despite my continuous questions. Later I am told that we would be heading off to our khalas from here since dad has some business with khaloo. A few minutes later I am at my khala’s aka my besties’s place without the slightest of idea of what’s up. And at 12:00 am 7th November 2016 (as shown by my phone) I am summoned into the living room where my father stands with his phone in hand, video mode on and the rest of the fam standing in a circle ready to sing the birthday song with a splendidly scrumptious cake resting pompously in the center of the room.

Okay, yes this is exactly how it hit me, word by word as I put it. What’s more? The cake is home baked (credits to eraj), perfectly customized to my very liking including all those delicacies I love: perks, oreos, chocolate truffles…okay okay I’ll stop xD She gave me the leftover without keeping a single slice for herself. And you can have a glimpse of this red velvet beauty here:

But this was not all. As I walk into her bedroom, devouring upon my piece of bliss, nida aapi (her elder sister) and eraj conjure a handbag out of nowhere. Birthday Presents!!! but I am too red (yes I am blushing vehemently) to even take hold of it. I politely refuse to take it, refuse once again and again because honestly I am not good at handling so much happiness all of a sudden, but they have had it all planned, she has had it all planned weeeks ago! So like there’s no escape outta this surprise! They shove the handbag in my hands. I make sure to unwrap them only the other day! Here’s what they look like:

Tiny silver glittered packages of different shapes and sizes. Cute and dazzling≤3

As I unwrapped the gifts, I found them to be an amusing combination of small accessories I had been wishing for for so long. The smallest package had to offer my most favourite thing: RINGS! This is that one and only jewellery item which I love A LOT!


delicate adornments with the right amount of white and gold

Alright I remember musing endlessly on chat about how my golden marker dried up and won’t write anymore, with eraj of course, and this certainly came off as a very pleasant surprise when nida aapi insisted me to open up what she had bought for me. This gold marker is very special to me and since I opened it that very night, I remember how I jumped out of excitement:D

simply gold:)

Eraj is a chocoholic, she is the truest of chocoholics while I tend to be a little particular about my chocolate preferences so yeah she made this perfect choice, not to mention chocolates are a must-give for eraj.

Ferrerossss yass, thankss Erajj!

Alright so this bigger package was really beautiful and I totally loved what was inside!

That beautiful floral art above deep blue glitter!≤3

Alright so this was the complete package from my bestie and her sis nida aapi. Later my brother surprised me by bringing goodies from his canteen and my uncle sent me a huge pack of candies so this birthday turned out to be very different from my expectations. I would specially like to thank Eraj for making my existence worth it. For giving me a reason to smile, for thinking this whole plan out. Thank you nida aapi for supporting her and buying me giftsss. I really love you guys. This whole event gave me a chance to reflect that Allah always balances it out some way. Thank You Allah(‘:

P.S: thanks for bearing with me my kindest readers, I m sorry if this was a bit boring, also I know my pictures are not the best but at least I haven’t contaminated them with any editing.

The Entertainer Blogger Award


Hey all, so once again this seems to be a blessed opportunity. I had three posts in my pipeline, including this one because honestly speaking life has gotten busier and I am always on the search for some peaceful hours of solitude where I can write my heart out but whatsoever, this can never be an excuse for staying away from blogging and most importantly an award post because they are always such an honour and fill me with great pleasure (Yes I can’t deny that flutter of my heart when I see my name in the nominees yeee 🙌🙌😍😄)

Alright, so I was nominated for this award by auburnrhyme, one of the most mature and profound blog writers I have come across, her posts are dripping with sesne and have that balance and weight of a professional. I would really insist that you check her blog out over here because otherwise you are missing on something real. Thanks a lot Rimsha, you have always been an inspiration.

Moving on to the rituals,

The rules are as follows

  • Write a post  including the award picture (thankuu thepakistanigirls’guide for such a nice pic)
  • Nominate twelve other bloggers
  • Nominees should answer the same questions as the ones below
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link their blog

Okay so the questions were short and fun, I enjoyed  them and hope you like reading them too.

Q1. What do you hope to gain from blogging?

Ans. I believe a sense of achievement and contentment because I have always wanted to help people, move people, to make a difference in their lives through my words. (I love writing paras and rambling on and on so I m trying to make it short this time, yes I am having a hard time doing that:p)

Q2. What genre of film entertains you the most?

Ans. Okay so I had to think for a while for this one because I basically do not happen to be a movie person, more like idk what genre thingy you talkin bout man, i just like animated movies but ok, maybe thriller and science fiction. How about comedy? That’s fun too, no? Ok 😂😂


Q3. Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you?

Ans. I have always been ambivalent about the first part, as much as I want to write and have that passion of making my mark through words, I am always full of self doubt when it comes to being called a ‘writer’ because I attach great importance to this word. For me it is more of something others would tell and judge yet I won’t let any judgemental freak put me down for my passion. Told you its ambivalent!

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere and anywhere, everyone and anyone. It just has to click and voila. This more has to do with my observations linked up with my spiritual connection.

Q4. Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

Ans. You mean ‘Touufybits’? Well it is 3:30 am as I write this post and I am pretty sure it must have been some 3:40/2:40 am when I made the brilliant decision of merging my not-so-common-nick with tidbits? Wow okay yeah, basically at that time I was too desperate to start a blog and later my bestie seemed to like it so I never bothered changing it😂😂 (C’monnn, its cute!!🙈🙈🐥)

P.S: if you mean tehreemsiteblog, well its just my name.

Q5. What is your favourite book, and why does it speak to you?

Ans. Being an avid reader, this is definitely a difficult one but despite being confused about quite a few, I’d still name Forty Rules Of Love by Ellif Shafak.

Why it speaks to me? Because it is that book which has impelled me to speak less and less about it. The profound and abstruse spiritual connection which I have with this book is what I fear to put into words, it is so sacred and surreal that I try keeping it locked in a corner of my heart. It is about love, it is about everything.

Q6. What is your favourite song, and why does it speak to you?

Ans. Unlike a standout choice in books, one fav song is not only a difficult question but also a pretty unjust one for a music lover like me. There are so many songs I love so much just because they speak to me at so many different moments on so many different levels like please I am the kind of person who listens to the same song for consecutive seven times on repeat!

Q7. What is your favourite photograph and why does it speak to you?

Ans. Is it okay if I say I am not liking this business of picking favourites because it is forcing me to practice favouritism upon my own choices and my choices are defiantly competing against each other causing a complete mayhem inside me? Okay probably it is not okay if I say that soo…..I am assuming this has to be from one of my recent clicks:

Although they are two different clicks, their soul is the same. I have tried to capture the crescent moon which people are often looking for at Tumblr. This photograph speaks to me because the crescent is important to me, and it is important to me for more than one reason, if you didn’t notice before, the pics which I have shared of the book ‘forty rules of love’ also has the crescent and some stars engraved in gold on the front cover.

This is it for today, I hope you guys would enjoy reading since I was extremely happy with the kind of response I got on my previous award post. Now for the most difficult task, nominations, let me see how fair I can get :D:

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