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Autumn’s Susurration

Crispy, yellow, tattered leaves

Crumbling softly underneath

Sombre, shabby, shoddy shoes.


Sidewalks, footpaths, orange-patched

Street lamps showering concrete steps

Crunching, crackling melodies

Of dried up, weary chestnut shoots.


Wings of South fluttering home,

Languished grasses wildly grown

Earth rejoining its progeny

Seeking haven in one’s roots;



From the nearing, biting wind,

Giving goosebumps on the skin,

When nascent in the crispy breeze

Dissolved in amber, auburn hues.


Once fierce, now golden rays

Pouring upon the lazy days

Of coffees and unsipped poetries;

When all would reborn and resurrect,

After Autumn’s hazel quietude…


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