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An Expected Apology

There are a few things in life which we know would happen yet we don’t know what it would feel like when they actually happen. I could write more as an introduction to this short post but I believe its enough to say that this post itself is an example of what I wrote in the first two lines. I have read blog posts saying sorry to their readers for a long unplanned unsung absence. I have read them expressing fear of having lost their followers, their gratitude for not losing any and I have wondered of the time when I would do the same. I used to think if I would ever really stay away from writing for so long that I’d have to apologise for my absence. The thought always amused me…

But here I am writing this unasked for apology because yes what I feared or more appropriately expected least to happen, actually did. I have been away for so long, no writing and no checking of my feed, nothing. A blog death! But I am more than happy that a blog death has waay more chances of resurrection. This post marks one:D Honestly putting it, my blog is not of a regular nature, I only write out of inspiration but it’s true that inspiration for me doesn’t take this long to come into writing. I really am sorry for getting busy in all sorts of other stuff and not paying attention to this blog at all.

Grateful to the few who are still there to read this and more grateful to all my followers. Thanks for not unfollowing me ;D I am definitely excited and motivated to write again(:

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