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Liebster Award=)


Woah…Okay I am a little confused as to how to start this one because I want to say so much and so less and it is colliding together in my mind giving off eccentric waves of frequencies which I am unable to decode. Anyways, I guess you guys won’t sue me for such an awful introduction to this post. Maybe what I can say is that I found myself thanking Allah with disbelieving eyes when I saw my name nominated on this amazing person’s award post known as La mehum. Thanks soo much Maham for nominating me, I have always wanted this one!! maybe because I am bad at making myself known to people, yeah I find describing myself hard! But you guys definitely need to check this awesome gal out who in my opinion is the powerful diva of words. Her sarcasm, quick wit and cryptic poetries will leave you baffled for some time!

Anyways I digress, so for all those who are new to this, Liebster award is one given on internet only and is present on internet only. I believe it was created with the intention of making quiet bloggers like me open up a bit and help others discover them a little (I am truly thankful for your initiative award creators). Nominated blogger answers 11 questions asked by the one who has nominated them and to keep the stone rolling, they are supposed to do the same: make 11 questions and nominate 5-10 bloggers:D 

Alright so Maham gave the hassle-free (for herself) option of choosing any 11 questions which had been asked from her (I completely understand your busy schedule mah’m dw;D:P). And without creating anymore hassle for you, I’ll directly get down to the ones I selected for myself xD

1. Are you a social person?

Well okay I am not a very social person who would literally just strike a conversation with a girl sitting next to me whom I have known for barely 300 seconds or ya know, the kind of peeps jumping around from one group to another but I am NOT antisocial either. It is more like a kickstart-and-see-if-it-works-out-with-the-other-person kinda thing. If frequencies match, you are my lifetime bud. If they don’t you would never know what clay I am made of! I am basically more of an introvert:@🙈🙈🙈

2. Favourite dress?

My everyday wear are long shirts with trousers but if talking about fav😍then oversized baggy shirts, sweaters, trousers-anything oversized is my thing!😍 (Shh it is so cute and comfyyy!)

3. Meaningful silence or meaningless talks?

So you won’t find me beating about the bush in this one because it is definitely the former, meaningful silence is much more important to me, much more valuable because it is food for my soul. However let me reinforce it should be meaningful, otherwise I am always a fan of communicating, interacting, explaining and debating!

4. If you were given an option to restart your life, which foremost thing would you like to change?

Big question, big answer?  Well I would rather not have life at all instead of changing something about it because however it has been with its flaws and failures and mistakes is how I accept it, otherwise I would always be an unhappy, whining, grumpy brat. Having eternal peace is a more appealing idea.img_20160917_164115

5. What is your favourite social media?

Dang it xD! Okay, as you all might be guessing in light of my first answer, I am not a fan of social networking websites and sooo…not much to choose from but whatsapp (if it counts:p) definitely has to be the most useful app I have ever had because like it is my kinda thing? :’D I love texting, I am an all-time texter xD



6. What super power would you like to possess?

Okay to get straight with this one, I would really want to be able to read people’s minds because let’s deal with it, I have major trust issues xD Not that speaking about it would make any difference to how people plan to betray me at any point of life but that is really something you could avoid only when you have some superpower of that sort xD

7. Name three things you dislike with a passion.

Behold le listeners! xD

1. Lies (they are horrifying!)🙅

2. Unkind people (you need to give space amd care to those under you, if you are a snobbish cruel dude, I really wish you didn’t exist)😠😠

3. Mosquitoes (I swear I wonder everyday why Allah created them :/)😵😵


Btw the list is longer than these three items, but honestly stubbornness and intolerance are really the root to most of it, we need to be more accepting of everything (yeah i know I need to be more accepting of the mosquitoes!)

8. Do you like T.V serials?

Okay this is a little weird coming from me because I usually guess out the stories and sometimes find them too stupid (I am talking about paki serials because uhm indian and turkish?😏👐) but I am STILL A HUGE SERIAL..LIKER? (I like the way how rearranging it a bit would make me a serial killer xD)

9. What is the foremost quality you look for in people?

Definitely kindness, since it leads to so much more: patience, tolerance, forgiveness e.t.c. If you have kind people around you, you are blessed!

10. Do you have any hobbies?

Was a reader, am a reader, will stay a reader 😂😂


11. What would you like to invent?

A SOUL HEALER!! (Trust me that would be the greatest wonder of science)

Awright guys so this was some insight into who am I, I think this award was highly helpful. And I hope you don’t hate me after having read this (was there something like that in it?:p)

Now as per the ritual, Imma give my 11 questions^_^

1. Your blogging inspiration?

2. What is your opinion about mental health issues? Or how do you even interpret this word?

3. Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

4. Tea or coffee?

5. Any blogging goals?:D

6. That one thing you always carry with you when going out

7. How would you describe pain?

8. Honest opinion please, revenge or forgiveness, why?

9. If you were told you have 48hrs left on this planet what is the first thing which would come to your mind?🙈🙈

10. One thing which you love about yourself?

11. Do you prefer crying your heart out or keep it inside and what do you actually do?

There are lots of amazing names I can put below for the nominations, though I would try to put those first who have had less of a chance with this (I know how it feels like not being nominated even for once while someone else puts up their fourth or fifth xD)

Words with wings



A learning poet




Anyone can opt out as per their choice, there are more peeps but next time;D



17 thoughts on “Liebster Award=)

  1. My introverted bruhhhh. Why must you be so nice? 😂 nahi but seriously..THANK YOU for the nomination. I feel sahi wala honored. Bas ab you watch me give a stellar speech on stage 😎 (more like kinda-stellar answers 🙈).

    p.s. i am a SERIAL..LIKER too. Tou if you find me taking like 600 years before the questions are answered..then ahem, u know y. 🐵

    p.p.s my comments are novel sized blabbers 🙃

    p.p.p.s what series u hooked on? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha omG I loveee your comments like I swear they are one of a kind, I mean WHO COMMENTS LIKE THAT ANYWAY? And uhh, i believe you rightly deserved it like DEFINITELY deserved itt! Can’t wait for ur answers :”( But i know the drama issue bhiee, i watch almost all of em, pakistani tho from man mail (khtm hogaya) to noor jehan xD Were u talking bout paki serials too? Mere reply ka size check karo xD


  2. Had fun reading your answers.
    And I hope you get a pet Mosquito who is always Lying and Unkind. 😛 Lmao

    BTW, since I can’t post about this award again. I’d still like to post the answers.
    1. Myself.
    2. No opinion. Seriously.
    3. Ambivert.
    4. None. I like cold beverages.
    5. Yes. To literally float all over WordPress, Medium, Quora and LinkedIn. 😛
    6. Patience
    7. India
    8. Revenge. Cause that’s easy.
    9. Hug my parents. lol.
    10. Infinite Enthusiasm
    11. Keeping it inside. And I’m quite good at it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I JUST saw this okay I’ll do this. And I can have a LOOONG conversation with you on any one of these answers (phelay walay pai to we have conversed already). Especially the mind reading one. He he he let’s leave it at that or not. ooops

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES OMG AND I FORGOT TO TELL U I HAVE NOMINATED U, how could I? XD I would loveeeee to have one of those long discussions we have on ANY of my answers, Most Welcome ;D And yeaaaah hahaha, but u know mind reading for only more sinister reasons of mine, ya know i m kind at heart so imma defo help ppl with that super power of mine ;D


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