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Thank you!

This is a short and unprepared one to mark a small milestone on a long long journey and thank those who became my car, my fuel and my motivation. I was happy and surprised to see that I had received a 100 likes on my blog:


In most honesty, I had not even expected a 10 because maybe I maintain a streak of underestimating myself everyday. I could perhaps also reason this with the fact that I did not know what I was doing when I even created the blog. I had no clue, no direction; only a vague idea that ‘I should write.’

However, my uncertainty wasn’t as worse as my lack of determination which I experienced a few days after creating this blog. I decided to stop a meaningless activity performed for unknown people yielding unstable results. But there was one person who strictly came in the way of this decision. It was Eraj, a most dearest person, so close to my heart!

So I write this to thank her, and to thank every single person who made this possible. Every single person who took the time to click this site address and view some of the rambles and musings and broken verses I dare to call poetry, hah! And touching on that ‘like’ button.

I know this is nothing too big, I know that there is a lot what I could and should achieve and in fact these 100 likes are still too small a number. But to me they mean a lot because they mark the moving of my car, that it is not at a halt or dead end and that I have to keep climbing uphill to bag more appreciation, to move more hearts and to pursue my dream of writing.




10 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Many many congrats..!!! may you accomplish more and more in your life sweet heart…and this is the biggest achievement ..be proud of what you achieve..because you work a lot for this..so..yeah this 100 LIKES will definitely change in to 100000 LIKES or more.soon..I.A.:)

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