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I love

All my pet animals;

Amiable, docile

And meek.

A fleeting fluke

Of fate I call,

As love is all

What they seek.

I love

All my pet animals:

Licks and purrs

And worth;

In this age of

Existential crisis,

Big words with ‘d’,

And dearth

Of love, I love

Yes, all my pet

Animals, who

Are not animals alas!

They are my dear

Friends and pals,

Who tell me not

That it will end

But that,

That it shall pass.


Honest, truthful

Buds, allies

My humane humane


Scurry off like animals


I befriend

Prowling, howling, growling

Beasts, wander far away

For unknown lengths

Of time, when I dare

To reveal my honest,


Studded skin.

Perhaps, truth is what they



So I wear a black mantle,

Always black is worn!

Struggling to reflect

Their luminous love;

Reflecting only

Where torn.

Just cautious words

Escape my tongue,

Wary of every word

I choose…

Since while they love to love

Their masked selfs, the falsed me,

I hate to hate my pets

Turned wild. They are what

I fear to lose!




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