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A Drop Of Serendipity


Drunk upon the tattered,

Fragmented bliss;

Sip by sip, bit by bit

Showering upon my empty soul,

Like crusty amber Autumn leaves,

Free-falling from a chestnut tree.

Faint scarlet flashes

Of fantasy,

Swirling on the canvas of grey

Of slightly blurred


A drop of glee from the sun,

A drop which, a little sears,

After nights of lucid, salty

Drops of pure profuse tears.

Reeking of tipsily dancing,

Unfathomable epiphanies;

Black ink frets to capture

This so short-lived moment

For infinity.

Knowing with such strong

Conviction, its disappearance

Into sooty smoke,

When again the drops of glee have turned

Into tears of smouldering hope.

P.S: written on my result day, when I finally completed my A levels, as an attempt to describe my internal state on a great but not perfect result. Hence the mixed feelings of red on the canvas of grey.



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