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Forgiveness fitted the keyhole


I set it free.

I opened the latch,

For it had but flown with the latch still bound.

Yet I completed the ritual,

By opening the latch

Of the empty chamber which made no sound.

At first it had shrieked, it had screeched and then escaped.

For escape is a freedom, yet freedom of one.

When you open the cage with your heart, with your will,

It is freedom of both, a favor returned.


It had perched there,

On a majestic throne,

With glory and grace,

Atop my heart.

Yet an idol is none,

But a work of stone.

So I broke it for Your Love.

I broke it apart.


Now it soars through the sky,

No more caged in my heart.

Yet its my lungs that drink the pristine air.

It went on it’s own, leaving me alone;

With a tinge of sadness. But no worries, nor no cares.


The imprisoned has power when locked in your heart.

You are the one who is actually confined,

Once set free and never called back upon,

Forgiveness is a bliss, giving freedom divine.

Written by T.Khan



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