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That Dark Cloud Which Looked So Sad

O pretty little dark one,

Prithee, please do cry!

Let your sadness coalesce,

Into the deep blue sky.


Oh don’t be so scared dear dark one

It is OKAY to cry

I see how this cruel world

Always casts you by


It makes faces and forecasts

About the doom you will bring

About the disruption you will cause

And the thunder you will sing.


But dear O stormy little dark one

Don’t you grieve! Don’t you sigh!

Just pour it out! Prithee pour it down!

Unleash your tears before you die.


Your tears are fresh droplets,

Better than our salty ones.

Your thunder song is more brave,

Than our quiet, softie hums.


At least you dared to come close down

Closer than those whites up high,

While they only cover the scorching sun,

You quench the leaves-so pale, so dry!


I know those cold winds push you so hard

The heaviness of your tears makes you so slow

But how you color it all grey is a work of art,

Because only then do we see the blithe rainbow!


So let those people, run and hide

Under umbrellas, shades and shelters unnamed.

Prithee squeeze out the grey sadness-Chide!

You deserve that relief after so much pain.


And listen O gloomy little dark one,

Listen to how the birds sing once you are done

You have given new lives to the tulips and soil,

Can you even count the number of prayers you have earned?


Gosh you amaze me strong little dark one!

How your tears become life to some

Yeah you inspire me deep, dark grey cloud.

By how you reborn from the tears you have shed.

Written by T.Khan



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