Literature as a subject

Despite the frequent sessions and festivals along with workshops and other similar activities specially designed to promote literature at different forums, Literature seems to be drastically losing its importance as a proper curricular subject.

The declining influence or if better phrased the prevalent nonchalance towards the subject can be accounted to its inefficiency in promising a stable future job or a bright scope. Nevertheless, it remains a subject involving higher thinking skills, not easily comprehended by everyone in the row.

Being an English Literature student myself, it is easier to understand the problems involved in dealing with the subject. The constant discouragement faced from career counselors over opting the subject and frequent questions thrown your way by parents and other family members upon the fruitfulness of the subject almost work as salt upon injuries because Literature in itself is not an easy subject to deal with. “Easy” here, points out to a standardized nature, with a set criteria of judgement, and laid out rules which a pupil has to stick with. Mathematics, serving as a contrast, may be one of the most difficult subjects to study, with its complex numericals and mind-boggling formula, however the absence of any such thing as a formulae in Literature, makes it all the more enigmatic.

The abstract nature of the subject, demands for a developed abstract thinking because studying different texts and making your own input by analysing them at different levels requires a thorough understanding of the writer’s methods and concerns as well as one’s own open mind which can analyze the texts from different angles, providing multiple interpretations.

However, useful resources on internet are still a great help to the struggling students, though some of them are pretty questionable upon their credibility. And although, Literature remains a subject not promising much wealth and job opportunities, it remains a subject of elites because of its rich historical background. Its ideological importance in shaping mindsets shall never be underestimated. Thus it would be a pleasant sight to see more students opting for the subject and a need still remains in encouraging the young generation to go for it.